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No More Dogs Behind the Wheel | Tennessee Auto Accident Lawyer

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New Bill to Prevent Tennessee Auto Accidents

The next time you’re planning a trip with your pet, you might have to think twice before sharing the driver’s seat. The Tennessee House has passed legislation that would make it illegal for driver’s to keep their dogs and cats in their laps while 

The Senate Transportation Committee failed to pass similar legislation last year, but this time around the bill was passed on a 5-2 vote. The legislation gained approval after a letter, written by an Oliver Springs constituent, was read before the committee that detailed the resident’s experience of nearly being involved in several serious car accidents with drivers that had dogs in their laps.driving.

New Bill to Prevent Tennessee Auto AccidentsThe sponsor of the House version of the bill, Republican Rep. Jim Cobb, believes the bill will make Tennessee highways safer and stated that statistics show that nearly 30,000 auto accidents a year can be linked to drivers distracted by their pets.

The bill which passed Monday evening will make it a misdemeanor to have your dog or cat in your lap while operating a vehicle. It will also make it illegal to keep your pet between yourself and the driver’s side door.

There are many alternatives ways to travel safely with your pet. The Humane Society has stated, “You don’t want to let an animal roam loose in the car.”

Keeping your pet restrained is the best way to traveling safely with them. The suggested methods are pet crates, pet harnesses, or dividers that keep your dog in the back of your SUV, blocking them from coming up front at all. You should also avoid letting them roam around in the back of a pick-up truck and not let them hang their head out of windows as their eyes can easily be damaged by debris.

The House bill to keep dogs out of driver’s laps will head to the Senate finance committee for final approval.

Tennessee Auto Accident Lawyer

Distracted drivers cause accidents. Whether they’re distracted by the dogs in their laps or cell phones against their ears, if you’ve been involved in a Tennessee car accident you’ll need an experienced auto accident attorney.

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