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Officials Hope Crackdown on Careless Drivers Will Save Lives During Holiday | Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers

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“If you lived what we see every day, you’d get a different perspective on life. Life’s precious, you can be here and gone in a second.”  Those are the words of a Lieutenant with the Tennessee Highway Patrol speaking with News Channel 9.  Like many others, the officer is concerned with the spike in deadly accidents in Hamilton County.

Over thirty people have lost their lives in Hamilton County this year, up by six from this time last year.  As we head into the Holiday season, accidents are even more likely.  That’s why the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Chattanooga Police are coming together to crackdown on drunk and distracted drivers as well as those that are speeding.  To do so they’ll be handing out more tickets and patrolling accident hotspots like Interstate 75 and 24 and State Highway 58 and 153.

According to the Lieutenant, the plans that will be rolled out closer to the holiday are going to be “the most aggressive plans that the THP has ever utilized in recent memory.”  It’s all in an effort to save lives because where there are careless drivers there will always be the possibility of a serious, even deadly accident.

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Will the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s plan work?  We hope so.  We know how devastating serious accidents can be to you and your family, so the fewer, the better.   Police are targeting careless drivers, and so are we.  We want to hold the drivers that hurt you responsible for their negligence.

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