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Our Lawyers Discuss The Importance Of Credible Witness Statements

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If you are preparing to file an insurance claim or lawsuit due to injuries suffered in a car accident, you need to have supporting evidence that backs up your claim that the injuries you sustained were through no fault of your own. Witness statements may make-up a good majority of your evidence, but sometimes those witness statements can hurt your claim.

Your compensation award can be significantly reduced if you were responsible for causing the accident. A witness to the accident can make a statement which can prove who the liable party is. Many times, a witness can recall important details, such as the position of the cars, the speed at which the parties were traveling, or remember statements made by all parties involved immediately after the accident.

A witness statement can also assist the defendant in the case, who seeks to show that you, as the injured person, were partially or fully responsible for the accident. Tennessee laws do allow an injured party’s compensation to be reduced by the percentage of his responsibility for the accident.

When seeking out eyewitnesses, it’s important you find one based on their credibility, which is the trustworthiness of the person. If the witness’s demeanor convinces you he can be trusted, then that witness is deemed a credible one. Many times, a witness’s credibility is just as important as his testimony. A witness who is not credible can damage your case.

If you are involved in a car accident and have sustained injuries, contact us. Our experienced Chattanooga car accident lawyers can help identify potential credible witness and show you how their statements can assist you in your claim for compensation.