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Parent to Teen Driving Tips from Ask The Insiders Now

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We at the McMahan Law Firm have to play tough in the field of Chattanooga personal injury attorneys. It’s our job to fight hard for our clients who have been hurt in accidents. But when you come here to the Ask The Insiders Now website and blog, we do sometimes like to be more positive. Instead of just being the defense after an accident, we do want to encourage Chattanooga residents in good safety practices. Instead of giving you instructions about what to do after you’ve been in a car accident, how about we also give you instructions on things to do to avoid a car accident?

It’s nearly August now, and the school year is starting here in Tennessee. School buses and parents shuttling kids to and from school significantly increase the amount of traffic in most cities. We, too, will experience it on the highways and surface streets of Chattanooga. Additionally, more teen drivers will be on the road as they shun the chaperoned bus ride to school in favor of independence and their own cars.

Becoming a good driver takes confidence. That comes only with years of driving experience. Even if your kids passed their driver’s license tests with flying colors, you can continue to push them towards that “good driver” status by talking with them about topics that weren’t necessarily on the test. The first tip for your teen might surprise you:

Sometimes safety comes in lower numbers. Teen drivers are safer drivers when they drive alone. It’s perfectly normal for teens to want to carpool with their friends so they can gossip or review homework questions. But, environmental benefits and gas savings aside, interacting with other people in the car is distracting for any driver. An inexperienced driver just can’t process all of that incoming information and remain fully attentive to the task of driving.

After your teen has pulled an all-night study session, he or she is four times more likely to be in an auto accident. Well, not just after all-night study sessions. Teens who work extra late on a school night, or who go to sports practice extra early in the morning, miss much-needed shut-eye. Be sure your young driver knows that drowsiness behind the wheel is not an excuse to drive faster to his destination. Drowsiness means it’s time to pull over.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States. Even if typical teenage “invincibility” prevents this message from registering with your young driver, don’t let the grim reality escape you!

During the past 10 years here in Tennessee, more than 200,000 16- to 19-year-old drivers have been involved in car accidents. Therefore, it’s understandable why insurance adjusters, trial juries and even parents might assume that a teen driver who’s been involved in an accident would also be the driver who caused to the accident. Defending a teenage driver after a serious accident takes more than just a law degree. If you find yourself in the frightening position of having to defend your kid after an accident, Ask The Insiders to be your Chattanooga personal injury attorneys.

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