People Continue to Drink and Drive Despite the Risks | Chattanooga Injury Lawyers

People Continue to Drink and Drive Despite the Risks | Chattanooga Injury Lawyers

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This past weekend a young Red Bank, Tennessee woman was apparently driving under the influence of alcohol when she lost control of her van and collided with three parked cars. It all happened in front of a house which was located at a lower elevation than the road. The accident pushed cars, including the van, towards the house with the van only stopping when it hit a tree in the yard.

Reports show that there were also three passengers in the van and that both the driver and at least one passenger suffered minor injuries. Authorities feel that the injuries could have been much worse and that if one of the vehicles had managed to be thrown into the house, the occupants could have faced life-threatening injuries.

It is all but certain that alcohol was the factor in this Chattanooga area car accident and that means it was caused by someone else’s negligence. The driver of the van even tried to make things worse after the accident by attempting to flee, but once she realized that police were on the way, she seemed to accept her fate.

Drunk driver smashes into parked cars and almost hits a home near Chattanooga.

This car accident/DUI could have been much worse and the injuries could have much more significant… so in many ways, those involved were fortunate. Yet, four vehicles are damaged, property is damaged, and one passenger (that we’re aware of) was also injured. This all occurred because one person chose to operate a vehicle while impaired. These are the reasons we have laws against such behavior; the outcomes are far too predictable and occur far too frequently.

As personal injury attorneys, we are thankful there were no deaths in this case, but we are reminded of the losses that people suffer at the hands and decisions of others.

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During the chaos that surrounds such accidents we have seen insurance companies look to quickly settle cases to their advantage. This is why we recommend if you are hurt in an accident in the Chattanooga or surrounding area, you should contact an experienced injury attorney to explore all your options and fully understand your rights.

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