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The State of Tennessee is a major crossroads for tractor-trailer trucks and commercial shipping traffic. In the Chattanooga area alone I-24, I-59 and I-79 all converge with commercial traffic going to and coming from Nashville, Atlanta, Knoxville, Birmingham and beyond. It’s an honor for Chattanooga to be considered the “Gateway to the Deep South,” but being this kind of major intersection for interstate traffic comes with a price: a large number of truck accidents.

The United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) issued reports from 2009 that counted 3,290 large truck and bus crashes in Tennessee. That’s almost 2,000 fewer than in 2005, but it’s still too many. Plus, as truck and bus safety issues become more regulated, new dangers still pop up; like truck drivers who drive while distracted by cell phones and laptops. Also, some dangers can never be regulated to just “go away.” For example, I-24 to Monteagle will always be dangerous for large truck traffic.

TN Truck Accident Claims

Pit a regular-sized passenger vehicle (about 5,000 lbs.) against an 80,000 lbs. truck, or tractor with one or more trailers in tow, and it’s obvious who is the underdog in that fight. The FMCSA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a Large Truck Accident Causation Study that determined, among other things, the severity of large truck accidents. From the data they referenced, 48% of the crashes caused personal injury, 29% caused an incapacitating personal injury and 23% caused a fatal personal injury. Look deeper into the study and see that many of those crashes were caused by driver error or mechanical issues; otherwise preventable causes. It’s because of that staggering record of truck accident deaths, injuries and their preventable causes that commercial vehicle insurance companies fight very hard against an accident victims’ personal injury claim or trucking accident lawsuit.

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We go into your trucking accident lawsuit knowing exactly what we’re up against since our founder Attorney John D. McMahan taught our trucking accident lawyers everything we need to know from an insurance insider’s perspective. Insurance companies begin their battle against your claim as soon as the truck accident has occurred. So if you or a loved one has been involved in a crash with a truck or commercial bus, ask The Insiders of The McMahan Law Firm to start building your trucking accident lawsuit right away.

Keep a copy of our truck accident checklist in your vehicle in case you are involved in a crash. It’s best not to wait very long after the accident to reach out to us. But even if you have tried on your own to reach a settlement with the insurance company and you just can’t play their game anymore, a Chattanooga trucking accident lawyer still may be able to help. If there has been a wrongful death or serious injury because of the crash, we especially want to expedite your claim and make sure you get all the best continued financial or medical assistance possible.

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