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A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Get All the Insurance Money You Deserve

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If you get into an auto accident, what are the chances you’d really need a Chattanooga personal injury attorney? Looking at the statistics, the odds are a lot higher than you might think.

A study in 2009 by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) estimated that despite the state law requiring liability minimums, about 24% of Tennessee drivers had no auto insurance whatsoever. That means it’s likely that 1 in 4 of the drivers you encounter on the road are uninsured. And if you think that’s risky business, also consider that many of the drivers who do have insurance may not have enough to cover the actual damages that can be caused by an auto accident.

But isn’t that what your coverage is for? It has personal injury and property damage limits, right?

Not so fast. Keep in mind that your liability policy is not meant to cover you or your own vehicle. It’s meant to cover expenses for others, in case you cause an accident that injures someone else or damages their property.

So if an uninsured or under-insured driver gets into a car accident with you, then who will pay to fix your car or cover your medical expenses?

Good question! And for most drivers, it’s an unsettling question.

Having a policy that adds protection against uninsured or under-insured motorists is a good idea, especially since the IRC ranked Tennessee third highest in the nation for uninsured drivers. In a perfect world, that extra insurance would mean you’re covered no matter what. A Chattanooga personal injury attorney will tell you things aren’t always that simple.

Insurance companies offer some great services, but like any business, they want to make a profit. You could end up with offers from an insurance agent — yours, or another driver’s — that are lower than what you’re entitled to. Even if you have coverage against under-insured drivers, chances are your insurance agency will not jump quickly at the chance to pay out.

When you find yourself without a working vehicle and with medical bills stacking up, or you’re losing income because you’re injured and missing work, it’s frustrating. What are you supposed to do while the insurance company sorts out the details?

That’s just another reason why if you’re in an auto accident, it’s best to speak with an accident attorney as soon as possible. In fact, it’s usually a good idea to get legal advice before you talk to an insurance agent — even your own insurance agent! An attorney can help to explain your rights, and talk with you about how the process of getting your settlement will work.

For most people, being in an auto accident is an upsetting event that, thankfully, they don’t have to deal with too often. Insurance agents, on the other hand, make a living out of dealing with this sort of thing every day. It’s in your best interest to go into unfamiliar territory knowing what to expect.

That’s where a Chattanooga personal injury attorney can help. They have the experience to help you with your claim.

Think of it this way, you can have all the auto accident and personal injury insurance in the world, but if no one makes sure you get the payout you’re entitled to, than what’s it worth? A Chattanooga personal injury attorney is your reassurance that you will be represented properly in your claim.

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