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Personal Injury Lawyers In Knoxville Advice: Personal Injuries Occurring During The Cold Weather

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For many people, the colder weather means the time for their favorite holidays is near. However, it is also important to be aware of all the risks, accidents and personal injuries that can occur during the cold weather. Although the winter weather may be slight in some areas, there are still dangers of being involved in an accident during this weather.

There are numerous reasons why this may occur:

  • The car, truck, or SUV may not have the proper tires to withstand the cold weather
  • It becomes darker quicker during the cold weather, which makes it harder for many drivers to see
  • Water can freeze on the roads, and the ice can catch some drivers by surprise when they head out for the day in the early mornings
  • Drivers are unfamiliar driving in difficult weather conditions

Personal injury lawyers in Knoxville understand that accidents do not happen on purpose; that is why we call them accidents. Unfortunately, regardless of what we do sometimes, accidents can happen and they do happen. If anyone becomes the victim of an accident, they should not hesitate to get help during the hard time.

Drinking and Driving

Unfortunately, many people like to drink more during the cold weather. Whether they are outdoors, in bars, at sporting events, etc., many people enjoy the feeling of drinking when it is cold outdoors. Many of them become extremely intoxicated and their sense of judgment is impaired.

Some people choose to get behind the wheel and drive home; this puts the lives of other people at risk. Being involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver can lead to not only bodily harm but emotional and mental harm. Do not be the person who causes an accident because you drove home after a night of drinking.

The cold weather is enjoyable for many people because of the holidays. We know accidents happen every day, regardless of what season it is. If you have been involved in an accident, contact us today to discuss a free initial consultation.