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There are a lot of dangers that can’t be overlooked as a pedestrian.  Many motorists simply aren’t looking out for you, and many think they own the road.  Even in an area with a crosswalk, you could still be hit by a driver that wasn’t paying attention.  It’s easy to imagine just how much more dangerous it is in an area without a sidewalk.  That’s the case along Workman Avenue, and it may have lead to a life-threatening accident.

We have to learn to share the road.  Pedestrians actually have the right of way in most cases but you just have to pay attention to what’s going on like with bicycles and other things.”  That’s what a Chattanooga Police Sergeant had to say after a terrible accident occurred last week.  A pedestrian was struck by a car while walking along the street and is now in critical condition.  The Sergeant wants to remind motorists to be on the lookout for people sharing our roads.

He goes on, “Look ahead to see what’s going on so that way you don’t get blindsided like in this case.  I don’t think he ever go to see him.”  That seems to be the case in the ongoing investigation — the driver simply didn’t see the man walking until it was too late.  Too many of these tragic accidents happen on our roadways, we have to start taking it upon ourselves to make a difference.

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