Chattanooga Injury Lawyer James Kennamer On "This & That"

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

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How does identity theft happen? It’s happening on a large scale and it’s happening more and more from beyond our borders. Everyone has a fear of, “can it happen to me?” Yes it can happen to anyone. Number 1, never leave anything in your mailbox for longer than it has to because they have those prepaid credit cards in there and will get personal information. They send out fake emails asking for personal information, and they call with fake surveys asking for personal information posing as IRS agents or whoever.

When it comes to protecting yourself what can you do? One of the biggest things is, using your information, and take out a loan somewhere else in the country. There are 3 main credit reporting entities in this country. You can call them and put a freeze on your own credit reports, and that keeps anyone from pulling your credit report. You can do all of this by yourself. That’s the only way these criminals are able to get loans in your name.