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Questions To Ask A Local Personal Injury Law Firm

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When you have suffered an injury from an accident, you more than likely have some questions. Attorney Brent Burks appeared on Chattanooga News Channel 9’s ‘This N That’ to answer some questions about the McMahan Law Firm and personal injury cases

Why is being local so important?

The McMahan Law Firm has been in Chattanooga for over 20 years. With 4 lawyers and 20 members on the support staff team, the McMahan Law Firm is locally owned and operated. We go to court and we try cases. If you are someone that has been injured in an accident, then you may want to ask yourself when choosing a lawyer: “Do I want someone who knows this local system, that knows our local judges, that knows our local defense lawyers, or do I want an out-of-state lawyer?” You will get a lot better representation with a local lawyer.

What percentage of the McMahan Law Firm is Dedicated to Personal Injury?

The majority of our practice is dedicated to personal injury: auto and truck accidents, wrongful death cases, product liability and some medical malpractice cases. We also handle workers’ compensation cases, which is where someone gets injured while at work on a job, and social security disability claims. Essentially all of our areas of practice deal with some sort of injury. 

With many law firms, you may not get to meet with the lawyer you think you will. How often do your clients interact with the lawyers directly?

If our attorneys are on your case, then you will be meeting with your attorney. You will have one-one-on meetings with Jay or Brent during your case and before any depositions or trials. We also have good help on our side from our support staff, like any well-run organization. We’ll meet with you face-to-face, even if it’s just to answer questions. 

How long will a case take, is there an average?

It is hard to put an average time frame for a case. You hear stories of cases that stay in the system for 5 years or 7 years. Some cases can take a long time if the injuries are severe and the victim has to seek long term medical treatment. Because of these varying factors, it can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to resolve a personal injury claim. The McMahan Law Firm does whatever they can to move the case along. No one benefits form a lengthy waiting time to resolve a case. We’ll do everything possible to make sure you have a strong case, and that you don’t have to unnecessarily wait to get the help you need.

Pay It Forward Program

“I went to law school because I wanted to help; I wanted to give back,” says Brent, which is why he is proud that the McMahan Law Firm is part of the Pay It Forward.  

Anyone can go on the Channel 9 website and nominate a deserving person, without monetary compensation or behind the scenes. If they are chosen they will get recognition for their good deed and $500. 

The McMahan Law Firm has been involved with the Pay It Forward program for coming up on 2 years this May. In that time, they have donated $49,000 to deserving Chattanooga citizens.