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Rage In Court: Knoxville Road Rage Case Goes To Trial

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There are some misconceptions about road rage. Road rage isn’t just gritting teeth, honking a horn, maybe some obscene hand gestures. Road rage can be very dangerous, even deadly, and as injury lawyers in Knoxville, we know that those who let road rage get the best of them can end up behind bars for a long time.

In December of 2013, a man was arrested in Knox County. He was connected to a shooting that stemmed from a simple accident. The man backed into two motorcycle riders and then drove off. The bikers followed the man back to his home, and that’s where the motorist grabbed a gun and opened fire on the riders.

That incident has now gone to trial and both defendant and victims are speaking out. The motorcyclists claim they were trying to identify the man who was responsible for a blatant hit-and-run. Their attempt ended with one of the bikers being shot four times. That’s why he is being charged with first degree attempted murder, aggravated assault, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The motorist paints a much different story, however. “When I come toward him and said you guys just need to go and leave, my guns were down. My gun was down. That’s when his arm reached like this and come up like that and that’s when I fired. I have never fired a pistol before in my life. It went bang bang bang bang bang as he went down. And it happened just like that.” So he claims he was threatened, but it’ll be up to the jury to decide who is ultimately telling the truth.

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