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Reckless Driving Can Take Lives and Bring a Mountain of Charges | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

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When someone loses their life in an accident caused by the negligence of another person it’s considered a ‘wrongful death.’  One of the most tragic aspects of these accidents is the fact that the deadly accident was avoidable, that it can be traced directly to a person or persons who did something wrong.  While this may give a name to a wrongdoer, it does little to ease a surviving family’s heartbreak.

As wrongful death lawyers in Chattanooga, we know that families who lose someone they love to another’s carelessness deserve more than just a name, they deserve justice.  After a recent fatal accident in Dalton, the person responsible may be facing charges, but will that give the family the closure they need?

The accident happened early last Sunday morning.  A young man was speeding toward the intersection of Hollywood Drive and Fleming Street when he lost control of his car.  The car smashed into a utility pole and rolled.  The reckless driver survived with minor injuries, but sadly the same can’t be said for one of his passengers.  Another young man was ejected from the vehicle and lost his life.  Now the driver is facing charges of first degree vehicular homicide, DUI, reckless driving, as well as driving too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane, serious injury by vehicle, and other very serious charges.


Let Us Put Our Best Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers On Your Side!

When a person’s reckless decisions takes another’s life, they should be held responsible, and if your family is affected by a deadly accident, you shouldn’t have to pay.  The aftermath of these accidents aren’t just heartbreaking, it can be overwhelming.  Medical bills, funeral costs – -it all adds up.

But where can these families turn?  The Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm.  A successful wrongful death lawsuit can help a surviving family get the money they need so they aren’t burdened during this troubling time.   We have the experienced and the compassionate wrongful death attorneys to represent you and your family after you’ve lost someone you love in a Chattanooga accident.

Contact the Insiders today, and we can get started with a FREE case review right away!

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