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Return of Deer Season Brings Return of Tree Stand Accidents in Tennessee

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Deer season is officially back in the state of Tennessee.  While there are certain dangers that come along with hunting, one danger could be tied to defective products.  Deer hunters often us elevated tree stands in order to gain an advantage, but as accident lawyers in Chattanooga we know that these stands can be the root of accidents that can lead to crippling injuries.

A fall from a tree stand can be devastating.  Proper safety harnesses should always be used when in a stand but even this equipment can have defects.   The lower portion of two-piece climbing stands can slip, sending the hunter to the ground.

Recently in Jefferson County, a man broke his arm and suffered a hip injury while attempting to secure a stand to a tree. The stand slipped and the hunter fell.  The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is warning hunters of these dangers and saying, “It is recommended to have at least three people when putting up a ladder stand.  Someone to help brace the bottom could prevent these types of accidents.”

Something to note is that in the state of Tennessee you are not allowed to injure the tree in any way when attaching a stand.  This means you’re not allowed to use nails or other metal fasteners.  That means you are completely dependent on the proper manufacturing of the stand.

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