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Road Construction Safety Tips

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Recently, a highway construction worker was hit on Highway 27, near Chattanooga. The worker, who was struck by a vehicle that “flew” off the roadway, luckily suffered only a fractured leg. Accidents in road construction zones can often be eliminated by taking the proper precautions.

  • Slow down. Generally, speed limits will be reduced in construction zones. Watch for signs letting you know the temporary speed limit, and obey the limit.
  • Be ready to slow down even more or stop. Watch for workers who have signs directing you to slow down or stop. Obey these signs.
  • Watch for people working near the roadway. Road construction workers often work only a short distance from highway traffic. Make sure you are aware of people who are working close to the roadway.
  • Focus on staying in your lane. During road construction, lanes often have to be adjusted. This could mean you are traveling closer to on-coming traffic and that you are only inches away from traffic cones or traffic barriers. Drifting even a few inches out of your lane could be dangerous.
  • Keep your focus on the roadway. While cell phones and other distractions are dangerous in normal driving conditions, eliminating them in work zones is especially important.
  • Watch other drivers. Lanes often merge together in construction zones or just before them. Be prepared for another driver ahead of you to change lanes or perform another driving maneuver unexpectedly.
  • Be patient. Traffic delays are nearly a guarantee in road construction zones. Be patient with the workers as well as with other drivers.
  • If you are aware of a construction zone, and you know the delay is going to bother you, consider taking an alternate route.

Unfortunately, even if you work to drive safely, other drivers are not always as cautious. If you were injured in an accident caused by another driver, our Chattanooga personal injury lawyers can help. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.