Roane County Workers Exposed to Dangerous Chemicals Appeal Dismissed Lawsuit

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When it comes to large scale cases with multiple injured, the road to justice can be incredibly long.  As personal injury lawyers, we know this is especially true when major companies are involved and willing to do everything they can to keep from paying out large settlements. 

It’s been nearly six years, but a group of workers are continuing their fight for the justice they believe they deserve.  In December of 2008, over 45 men and women were contracted by the Jacob Engineering Group to clean up a hazardous ash spill in Kingston.  They were also there to evaluate the massive spill for any potential health hazards.

In August of last year, several of those workers filed a lawsuit against the Jacob Engineering Group claiming they were put in extreme danger by being exposed to deadly chemicals like arsenic and mercury and even some radioactive material.  Their lawsuit claimed that the workers weren’t properly trained on these hazards and weren’t given the proper safety equipment to work around the potentially dangerous materials floating through the air.

This negligence has led to health issues for many of the workers including respiratory and heart problems.  With the lawsuit they hoped to get the money the needed to cover the medical bills associated with these ailments.  Their lawsuit, however, was dismissed by a US district court judge who determined Jacobs Engineering Group had actually been granted immunity during the cleanup.  The workers plan to appeal.

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