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Running From Police Only Leads to More Charges | Chattanooga Auto Accident Lawyers

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When does a wreck go from simple negligence to something more malicious?  What happens when a person is so desperate to evade punishment that they put the lives of everyone around them at risk?  That seems to be what happened in a serious injury accident that occurred in Cleveland over the weekend.

Saturday morning police were alerted to a potential car burglary.  Responding to the call, an officer came across a vehicle that matched the one used in the theft.  The officer turned on his lights and attempted to pull over the suspect — but the young man behind the wheel wasn’t going to give himself over.

He hit the gas and led police on a high speed chase through Cleveland.  The chase didn’t last long, however, because he ran a stop sign at the intersection of Chambliss Avenue and 20th street and broadsided a minivan.

The accident left the young man’s female passenger seriously injured and also injured the two women who were in the minivan.  They were rushed to SkyRidge hospital to be treated, but their conditions weren’t immediately released.

The reckless driver may have escaped serious injury but he won’t escape the long list of charges he faces.  They include felony reckless endangerment, driving on a suspended license, stop sign violation, auto burglary, and theft.

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The young driver clearly wasn’t thinking about the people around him; he was only thinking about how he could avoid being held responsible for his crimes.  Those injured in similar situations shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s negligence, and you don’t have to!

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