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Safety Violations Are Often at the Core of Dangerous Jobs | Chattanooga Accident Lawyers

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For many workers in Southern Tennessee, every day is a risk.  Some people simply work in environments that carry inherent dangers.  But regardless of the hazards of your particular job, your employer should be doing everything in their power to protect you and your co-workers.  Everyone should be able to go home to their families at the end of the work day.

This is why organizations like the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (T.O.S.H.A) exist.   They are there to make sure that every company is rigorously adhering to the highest safety standards and to investigate those who don’t.  After a recent tragedy at a local plant, T.O.S.H.A is doing just that.

Last month, a worker lost their life at Chattanooga’s Wrigley Plant.  Apparently the woman was working on a ladder when it was hit by a forklift.  She fell and suffered critical injuries that would lead to her passing.  At the time it seemed like no charges would be filed against Wrigley, but should they hold some responsibility?  They have been cited in the past for safety violations including improper machine guarding and insufficient first aid training.

You may have had your own experience with a workplace accident.  It might not have been life-threatening but that doesn’t mean it isn’t life-altering.  Even small accidents can lead to big bills, and your workers’ comp insurance claim might not be enough.

The Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm can help protect your rights.  Tennessee workers’ compensation laws are there to help you, but insurance companies are always going to try and save money.  Let us fight to get you the settlement you truly deserve.  A work accident may keep you off the job, but it shouldn’t keep you under a pile of debt.

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