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School Honors Those Lost In Knoxville Bus Accident With Tree-Planting Ceremony

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It’s been over half a year since a bus accident in Knox County took the lives of two children and a teacher’s aide. The community still mourns the loss, however, and will be forever affected by the terrible tragedy. As auto accident lawyers in Knoxville, we know that these events won’t leave the minds of the community anytime soon, if ever.

The school that was affected is making sure to honor those lost by holding a tree-planting ceremony in their memory. According to the husband of the teacher’s aide who lost her life, “It’s a special day to honor my wife and the two young ladies just to have them honored and the trees planted in honor of them, it gives closure and lets me know how much the community actually thought about my wife.”

Along with the trees, a mural has been painted portraying the bubbly spirit of the three that were lost. The message of the mural is “those that touch our lives stay in our hearts forever.” It’s a sentiment certainly carried by the mother of one of the young girls who lost her life in the accident, “My tears are happy tears today, I’m very touched by the memorial we did today, the trees mean a lot, they’re forever going to be here so it gives us something to look forward to every day and keep everybody in the remembrance of the three.”

The families are still waiting on closure on the actual accident, however. The cause of it has yet to be found, and it is still under investigation by the Knoxville Police Department. Hopefully, they’ll have all their answers soon.

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