Seeking Legal Guidance After a Car Accident

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A local car accident occurred earlier this month that should remind all drivers to remain safe and defensive. WRCB-TV reported the accident and included a video.

On June 07, a South Carolina man was driving 92 miles per hour when he was spotted by the police. After hearing police sirens, he attempted to make getaway, ultimately triggering a high speed car chase.

According to Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews, the driver hit speeds of 100 MPH. On the video, you can see him driving on the emergency lane, median, and illegally passing vehicles at a dangerous rate.

The chase finally ended as the driver lost control of his car, ultimately causing an accident. He first collided with a pickup truck, which then made contact with a tractor-trailer.

Such a dangerous force should be reprimanded for the damage it can do to others.

But who’s worrying about the victims in such cases? It’s one thing to make sure that a reckless driver goes to jail or pays a hefty fine, but it’s another thing to make sure that victims are properly represented and don’t suffer more because of the accident. 

Our Chattanooga car accident attorneys fight for exactly that. There are many factors at play during a car accident, and victims should consider seeking legal guidance to make sure their case is properly represented.

The most important factor is personal injury. If a victim is injured during the car crash,they have to go to the hospital for treatment. Medical billing is expensive, and a successful injury claim can help victims pay off those bills. Car accident attorneys fight for the true value injury victims deserve.

If you’d like legal guidance after being hurt in a car accident, contact us.

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