Large Semi-truck Driving On A Rural Highway

Semi-Truck Accidents Can Be Much More Complicated

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Attaining legal help is of the utmost importance when a passenger car driver gets involved in an accident with a commercial operator:  Many persons are not aware of the complications involved when getting into an accident with a semi-truck.  When a passenger car driver gets involved in an accident with a semi, issues such as personal injury, product liability, and negligence are all considerations.  Due to the complications, it is best the individual driving a passenger car get in touch with a firm of Chattanooga 18-Wheeler accident attorneys immediately after the accident occurs. Additionally, there are time constraints with respect to filing lawsuits, so whenever an individual or their loved-one is involved in an accident with a commercial operator, it is definitely within their best interests not to allow too much time to pass after such an event of devastating proportions.

The rules applied to commercial carriers are quite unique:   The truck driver needs to follow Federal and State regulations with regard to behaving in a safe and responsible manner. In example, as it applies to the preceding commentary, the truck driver who does not take mandatory rest stops and becomes weary and falls asleep at the wheel, causing an accident, is immediately negligent in causing the accident. Even if the truck operator became exhausted, and still took rest breaks; however, became drowsy and fell asleep at the wheel causing the accident–he or she is still considered immediately negligent for causing that sixteen car pileup; or whatever occurred as a result of his or her weariness. Additionally, there are other factors,  Chattanooga 18-Wheeler accident attorneys can review that impact each individual case.

Another factor is weight:  If a trucker, at the time of the accident, was carrying a load greater than what is allowed by law, then he is in definite violation, and is negligent.

The above illustrations are provided in order that the passenger vehicle owner understands fully why it is well-advised that he or she contact a firm knowledgeable and skilled in handling negligence cases against commercial carriers.

The automobile owner who has recently been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, within the Chattanooga area, is encouraged to contact us as soon as possible for a free no-obligation review of the details of the accident. Our firm is here to fight for the rights of the automobile owner, involved in a traffic accident with a commercial truck operator.