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It’s been nearly a year since a shocking accident took the life of a local middle school principal.  In February, it was just another day at a Knoxville restaurant.  Employees were busy serving guests, and one of those guests, the principal, was checking out at the register.  Then, the unthinkable happened.

A car smashed through the wall and plowed into the building.  While most of the employees and customers were able to avoid the runaway vehicle, the principal wasn’t.  She was killed in the wreck, leaving an entire community to mourn her loss.  Family, friends, and students honored her memory by holding a candlelight vigil at the restaurant.

At the time of the wreck little was known about the driver who was responsible.  It was believed that complications from multiple sclerosis may have caused him to lose control.  Well, now a little more is known about this tragedy as a judge has finally sentenced the driver.

The man was charged with criminally negligent homicide on Friday.  He was found responsible for crashing his car through the restaurant and taking the life of the principal.  So, what punishment will he be facing for his crimes?  The 53-year-old has been placed on judicial diversion and has been sentenced to two years of probation and will have his license revoked for those two years as well.

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Whether the sentencing will give the principal’s surviving friends and family a sense of closure we can’t say.  Losing a loved one is easily one of the hardest things a family can go through.  While justice can’t bring a loved one back, it can be the first step on the long road to moving forward.  If the criminal court system doesn’t give you the sense of justice you need, a successful wrongful death claim might.

The wrongful death lawyers at the McMahan Law Firm have the experience and the compassion to best help you and your family through this troubling time.  So if you’ve lost a loved one to the negligence of someone else, contact us right away.  We can get started on your wrongful death claim with a FREE case review right away.

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