Series of Accidents End When Car Runs into Restaurant | Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers

Series of Accidents End When Car Runs into Restaurant | Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers

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Those sitting down to a peaceful dinner at a restaurant near the University of Tennessee had quite a shock a few weeks ago. As they enjoyed their meals, the storefront windows shattered when an out-of-control car barreled through them. The explosive property damage was just the end of a long string of wild car accidents.

It all started when a man was leaving a business and turned left out of the parking lot. Unfortunately, he failed to yield to an oncoming car and they collided. The man’s car glanced off the side of the woman’s and continued down the road, now out-of-control. He soon struck another two cars before being sent careening along the sidewalk where he smashed into a bike rack, all before finally crashing into the restaurant.

A car runs into a Chattanooga restaurant after a string of car accidents.

Despite the fact that the car came dangerously close to some dining booths and the magnitude of the chaos along its journey, no one was injured in the incident. The crash is still being investigating, but so far the driver has only been cited for failure to yield.

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