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What Is Being Done to Stop Escalating Violence and Shootings in Hamilton County?

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There have recently been some very frightening bouts of violence in and around Chattanooga.  Just last week four teenagers were shot in two different places within two hours of one another. Unfortunately, these senseless shootings seem to not be going away.  From the Chief of the Chattanooga Police Department himself, “There is certainly a great deal of violence in Chattanooga.”

Last Tuesday, three teens were sitting on a porch, presumably minding their own business, when a vehicle drove by and opened fire.  The teens received gunshot wounds to their legs and abdomens and had to be rushed to a local hospital.  Fortunately, all of the young men are expected to survive the shooting and eye witnesses have given police information that could help track down the shooters.

Another teen was shot in the arm near Orchard Knob shortly after the previous shooting took place.  None of the teens that were injured that night are claiming to know who their shooters were.  In fact, most didn’t even want to receive medical treatment.

The city won’t idly sit back as the violence escalates.  A former detective believes we should “close this city down, curfew all the clubs have to close at 12 o’clock until these shootings stop.”  The detective is meeting with the police chief to get to the bottom of the recent rash of shootings.

A lack of man power within the police force is making it difficult to contain the violence.  The police Chief believes their resources are spread too thin.  He says they are constantly “running call to call to call” and incredible number of car accidents (nearly 11,000 a year) keep officers tied up with taking care of traffic offenses instead of following up on acts of violence.

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