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Should the Speed Limit for Big Trucks be Lowered on I-24? | Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyers

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It goes without saying that no one wants to be involved in a truck accident.  But the fact of the matter is these accidents still take place in Chattanooga and throughout Southern Tennessee with frightening regularity.  So what can be done?  What can keep our families safe from a life-changing run-in with a big truck?

A recent opinion piece for The Chattanoogan raised that very question.  It brought together a variety of voices from around the area, all responding to the same suggestion – the speed for tractor trailers should be lowered on I-24.

According to a contributing judge, despite the posted 55mph speed limit between the I-27/24 and I-24/75 split, “many of these trucks go a little over that speed limit up to around 60 mph.”  The judge believes high rates of speed are the main factor in many rollovers and serious accidents… and others agree.

Another contributor said the judge was “absolutely correct about the need for lower speed limits for truckers on I-24.”  Another observer agrees but wants to go a step further.  He believes law enforcement is the first step in lowering the dangers of speeding semi-trucks.  He’d like to see more blue lights flashing behind truckers that break the law adding, “Few interstate truckers will take Hamilton County speed limits seriously until this is done.”

 But there will always be those that will defend large trucks and their drivers.  Some coming to their defense blamed negligent motorists “weaving in and out of traffic” or those that “tailgate and cut in in front of the 18-wheelers.”

What are your thoughts?  What would you like to see done to prevent truck accidents in Chattanooga?

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