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Single-Car Rollover Crash In Jasper Claims Four Lives; One Victim's Family Struggles with Funeral Expenses

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An individual’s funeral is his final measure of dignity.  But according to the National Funeral Directors Association, today’s average funeral costs at least $6, 560 – up from just $708 in 1960.  And with the economic downturn, some families just can’t afford the expense.

Take the family of Victor Poe, one of four men killed in an Oct. 22 auto accident in Jasper.  WRCB reported that the 42-year-old driver of the Mustang was speeding down Highway 27 when his car left the right side of the road.  The driver overcorrected, crashing the vehicle and flipping into a ditch just a mile from his own home.  The victims – Poe, the Mustang driver, another man, and the driver’s 21-year-old son– were killed on impact. 


Friends and family gathered at the Tate Funeral Home on Oct. 27 to remember their loved ones.  But Poe’s family had a hard time affording funeral costs. 


“I struggle from paycheck to paycheck, and it’s a burden on me,” Poe’s daughter told WRCB. “I can’t do anything to help, and it hurts me.”


She hadn’t seen her father in months until Thursday’s gathering at the funeral home.  Though they hadn’t been in contact much, Poe’s relationship with her four-year-old son Christian was bringing the father and daughter closer together.


The last time they were together, Poe took his grandson to a carnival.  “We rode some rides. We both got sick as dogs,” Christian told WRCB. “That was the last time I’ve seen him.”


At the gathering, Christian told his grandfather goodbye. “I love you, Grandpa Victor,” he said. 


Christian’s mother didn’t have the chance to tell her father that in person.  She wanted to show her love for him by honoring his life with a funeral, but she told WRCB if she couldn’t come up with $3,200 by the next afternoon, she wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Poe would be buried in a grave dug by a family member to help lower the cost.


“Wouldn’t want him not to have something nice,” she told WRCB.


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