Sleeping Driver Causes Fatal Knoxville Car Accident

Sleeping Driver Causes Fatal Accident | Knoxville Car Accident Lawyers

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With schools out and beautiful, warm weather, thoughts turn to a unique American tradition-the family vacation. Families everywhere are piling into their cars and heading out to the many scenic areas that Tennessee has to offer. Unfortunately with this exodus to vacation bliss comes a tremendous increase in traffic on highways, especially on Interstate 40 outside of Knoxville. This increase leads to more traffic accidents, even more common when people are tired from a long day on the road. This is what happened on the evening of July 8th.

Three are killed in Knoxville car accident after another motorist falls asleep.A young Tennessee student and her family were on I-40, heading out for a well deserved vacation. While traveling just outside of Knoxville, a pickup truck traveling in the eastbound lane crossed over the median, colliding head-on with the student’s car.

The impact of the collision destroyed both vehicles, making it an extremely difficult situation for Knoxville’s first responders. All victims were transported to University of Tennessee Medical Center. The truck driver and the young student were admitted in critical condition.

Tragically the other occupants of the student’s car were killed. During the ensuing investigation, the Knoxville Police discovered that the driver of the truck had fallen asleep and lost control. The tragic loss of her family, in addition to the physical injuries sustained, will mean years of recovery for this young student. An unfortunate side affect is the burden of medical bills that will be incurred by the negligence of another. Insurance will pay some of the cost but not all. Add to this the loss of income; it may be impossible to ever return to the life that was once known.

Knoxville Car Accident Lawyers

While the legal system will ensure the negligent party will face criminal charges if warranted, this leaves the victim on their own when pursuing civil charges and compensation. With all the twists and turns of the legal system, it is almost impossible for victims to pursue justice on their own.

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