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Social Security: Tips For Surviving The Process

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You’ve been independent and self-sufficient your entire life then one day you’re injured in a car accident, cannot work, and will not recover for at least one year. You have applied for Social Security Disability benefits, but they denied you. The appeals process is often long and stressful, but as Chattanooga Social Security Lawyers, we want to provide you with some tips on how to survive the wait.

Create A Budget

You no longer have any wiggle room in your wallet. You need to track your expenses and cut costs while you can.

Talk To Friends and Family

You have taken care of other people, but now you should accept help from others. Let a trustworthy friend or family member help you with the budget, pick up your groceries, help you with paperwork, or even listen to you vent about your frustration with the system.

Apply For Assistance

If Medicaid is available to you in your state, apply for it. If you qualify for food stamps, apply for them. Check out whether utility and transportation assistance is available to you. You deserve help.

Get Medical Help

Though this might be difficult, Social Security wants medical evidence of your condition (or conditions), and the best way to get them the evidence they need is to get medical treatment.

Write A Dire Need Letter

If you cannot get food, shelter, or medical care, you can write a letter of dire need to Social Security explaining the urgency of your situation. This letter does not guarantee approval, but may help your case be heard faster.

Get A Lawyer

You have the right to have an attorney guide you through the disability process. Though having an attorney does not guarantee that you will win your claim, having one will put you in the best position to do so. If you need help with your Social Security Disability claim, contact us.