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A serious accident affects more than just the people involved.  It can affect friends, families, and even entire communities.  This is especially true when someone loses their life in an accident.  It’s up to friends and families to find a way to honor their memory and move forward.  This is never an easy thing to do which is why it’s important to have others there to support you.  Often in the wake of a fatal accident, communities will actually rally together to celebrate the life that was cut short.

Recently, a truly tragic accident took the life of a local student and left another in serious condition.  The students attended a nearby school that has suffered other similar tragedies in the previous months.  Other students at the school along with many other community members decided to rally together to hold a vigil for their lost friends.  The candlelight vigil became a source of support for classmates who’ve had to deal with far too much loss in the recent months.

Not feeling like you’re alone is such an important thing when you’ve lost someone you care about.  That’s why events like this vigil are vital in the wake of an accident.  Losing someone you love in an accident is one of the most horrible events a person can go through, but they should know that they don’t have to mourn alone.

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