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Stepping Up And Reporting Fraud

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What happens when a person makes that call or who do they call? Well usually it’s a government employee that’s discovered sometime up government fraud, or maybe it’s a concerned citizen that can bring a claim if they have discovered government fraud. That’s usually what we’ve seen around here, MediCare fraud or TennCare Fraud. It can be perceived individually on behalf of the government. The government picks up the prosecution and the relayer/whistleblower may be awarded up to 15-20% of the penalties or fines that are rewarded.

Whistleblowers are understandably apprehensive. We get calls and are looking into whistleblower claims. They are apprehensive with what’s going to happen with their job. The statute has anti retaliation factors built into it. When a claim is pursued, typically it is filed under seal. The name and identity remain confidential, unless the government decides to pick up the prosecution.

I would encourage anyone that knows of some corporate fraud to come forward. You can give us a call, without fear of being exposed.

The government since Abraham Lincoln has a system that creates an incentive for good behavior to expose government and corporate fraud.

As far as smaller companies, for instance, one exterminating company knew of a bigger company that was milking the school system. There is a smaller amount of recovery there, but there is also a provision for attorneys fees, double damages, etc. So there are provisions there to help expose the damages of government fraud going on here, and I want to be the one that helps out.

Typically we would have to go through feasibility stage to see if it is something we would pursue, but you can have confidence calling us to get the process started.