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Talking Social Security Disability

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You start with the idea that you have a severe medical condition that is keeping you from working. You have to have worked 5 of the last 10 years. In many ways the money that you get is money that you have already paid into the system. There are other people eligible, if you are poor there is something called SSI. If you happened to have drawn early retirement benefits at age 62, you will have access to extra benefits because you took a pay cut to get those benefits.

Typically what is included in a winning social security case will be back pay, a monthly check in the mail and also medical insurance. It’s very difficult to get accepted which is mind boggling because you have already paid the money in. About 70% percent of people get rejected, and if it goes to appeal about 90% get rejected on appeal. After you have appealed, you can see a judge and that’s when it gets better because about 50% of people will be rejected. There are horror stories which we have had clients that must wait 2-3 years to get their benefits started.

We help you from start to finish and will make sure that the judges have your medical records and we will write a memo making the legal arguments and also we will argue for you in front of the judge.

You should always ask to speak with the lawyer first. Getting someone local is imperative to your success because it is not uncommon for out of town lawyers that didn’t show up, didn’t get the medical records, etc.

Right now approval ratings are at a 40 year low.