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TDOT’s Construction Program Gets National Praise | Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers

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We often mention the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) when we share stories.  TDOT is usually the official word on accidents and offer us and others the most up-to-date news when it comes to serious accidents across the state.  Now it’s nice to share some nationwide praise that TDOT is receiving.

Tennessee has been ranked number 2 in the country for “transportation and infrastructure” in a recent study by CNBC.  The majority of the credit is going to TDOT for its pay-as-you-go construction program.  This program has been allowing construction projects to be paid for by the time they’re finished, keeping taxpayers from being burdened with expensive interest payments.

Transportation debt is a huge issue for almost every state.  A TDOT spokesperson explains why our state’s different.  “We fund our transportation in phases, we don’t carry any transportation debt…when we complete a project, the project belongs to the citizens of Tennessee and it’s the best use of tax-payer money.”

But there is a drawback, and it’s certainly something that bothers all of us as motorists – the projects take longer to complete.







Chattanooga Auto Accident Attorneys

While road closures can be a headache, construction projects are vital to maintaining our roads and keeping yourself and these construction crews safe should be a top priority when driving throughout Tennessee.  However, no matter how hard we try to avoid an accident, they can still happen.  So what do you do?

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