Tennessee Bus Driver Injured After Motor Was Thrown From Overpass | Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyers

Tennessee Bus Driver Injured After Motor Was Thrown From Overpass | Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyers

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Even when taking every precaution you can to stay safe, injury accidents can still happen, especially when someone with malicious intentions is behind them. It’s scary to think but some people simply want to cause harm to others for no other reason than a cheap thrill. Three young men in Cleveland, TN may have got their cheap thrills two years ago, but after Friday’s hearing they won’t have a chance at anymore for quite some time.

In November of 2010, the three friends stood on an overpass crossing Interstate 75. Previously that day, they’d visited the Cleveland Municipal Airport where they spent the day vandalizing construction equipment. Having grown bored of the destruction of property at the airport, they took to the overpass and proceeded to throw objects down at the passing vehicles.

Several motorists drove beneath the overpass, barely avoiding being struck by whatever objects the young men could get their hands on. The luck ran out for a bus full of Lee University students returning from a singing competition. A large fan motor was tossed from the overpass and smashed through the bus’ windshield.

Bus driver suffers personal injury after motor is thrown from Cleveland, TN overpass.Fortunately the impact didn’t result in a bus accident, and the driver managed to safely bring the bus to a stop. The 17 students on board weren’t hurt, but the driver suffered injuries. By the time emergency crews responded, the young men responsible for the injured driver and damaged bus were long gone.

A $13,500 reward was offered by the Cleveland Daily Banner and local Bradley and McMinn county businesses and legislators for information leading to the arrest of the vandals. 4 days after Christmas the three were eventually arrested.

And now, last Friday, two of them were finally sentenced at the McMinn County courthouse while the third defendant will have his hearing in July.

They faced charges for vandalism totaling over $100,000 in damage, reckless endangerment, and the conspiracy to commit reckless homicide, and were facing up to 24 years in prison. They’ll be serving 4.

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