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Tennessee School Bus Accidents Often Hurt Students and Drivers Alike

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There are no accidents more frightening than accidents that involve school buses.  Not only does an increase in the amount of children onboard make the chance of injury greater, but Tennessee school buses aren’t equipped with safety features like seatbelts to protect these kids when an accident does happen.

As auto accident lawyers, we saw an unfortunate reminder of the damage a bus accident can cause just last week in Loudon County. Apparently, a woman was driving an SUV on Highway 11 when she crossed the center line and collided head-on with an approaching school bus.

Another sad fact about bus and car collisions is that the sheer size and weight of a bus often means a higher chance of a serious injury for the people in the car as well.  In this instance, the women that was driving the SUV actually lost her life in the crash.

Also during the accident two of the nine students onboard also suffered injuries as did the school bus driver.  They were all taken to local hospitals for treatment.  The Tennessee Department of Transportation as well as local law enforcement will be investigating the terrible tragedy.

These accidents are heartbreaking for all those involved. A woman has lost her life, two students and a bus drivers have been injured, and also don’t forget that a handful of other students had to go through what is an unfathomably traumatic experience. We know the lingering effects these type of accidents have and our thoughts are with them all.

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