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The Best Safety Tips For This Thanksgiving

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The Holiday season is just about on top of us, and that means the busiest travel time of the year. All over the country, millions of people are traveling to see friends, family, and loved ones. They’re looking to enjoy warmth, memories and the closeness of those they care about, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most dangerous times of the year.

The more people are out traveling, the more accidents we tend to see on the roads. Even worse, there are hundreds of thousands of accidents every year right in the home. Here are some Thanksgiving safety tips for travel and home safety during this holiday season so you can keep the holidays happy and fun instead of dangerous.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

There are two areas of Thanksgiving safety tips to consider: those related to travel, and those related to the home itself. Let’s take a look at each category and learn how to keep you and yours safe this holiday season.

Staying Safe While Traveling

The more people are on the road, the more risk of accidents in travel. To stay safe on the roads, just give yourself some extra time and take it slow and you’ll be much less likely to have an accident. Follow the speed limit and obey traffic signs and signals. Take it slow, especially in work zones. If you’re taking a long trip, stop frequently for rests and rotate drivers.

Give other vehicles plenty of space. Don’t tailgate, even if they’re going slower than you’d like. You want to be able to react if something suddenly changes. Make sure your windows, mirrors and all of your lights are clean. Turn on your headlights anytime you’re using your windshield wipers, in a work zone, or at dusk.

Staying Safe in the Home

Of course, accidents on the road aren’t the only danger in the holidays. Staying safe in the home is also a factor of attentiveness and care. Avoid wearing loose clothes and dangling sleeves or jewelry while you cook. Don’t ever leave the stove unattended while it’s on. If you need to leave the kitchen, turn off the heat until you get back.

When baking, check the food regularly and use timers to remind you to shut off the oven. Keep kids and pets out of the kitchen while cooking, and keep any remotely flammable items away from heat sources. Keep your cooking surfaces clean to prevent a buildup of flammable grease, and double-check everything in the kitchen before you leave the house or go to bed, just to be sure the oven and stove is off. Finally, keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for emergencies!

Accidents, Damages, and Compensation

If you’re in an accident, and it’s someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to collect compensation for the damages you suffer. However, getting these settlements requires help from an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

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