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The Dangers Of Pedestrian Traffic In Parking Lots

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Drivers and pedestrians alike have the wrong mind-set when they use parking lots. Drivers coming off a road with its controlled and high-speed traffic suddenly relax and let their guard down when entering the low-speed and uncontrolled driving environment of the parking lot. Once out of their cars as pedestrians, their guard is still down as they walk oblivious to the car traffic around them.

Unlike roads that have highly structured traffic flow, it sometimes seems that anything goes in parking lots. Cars often pay little attention to painted markings as they drive about. From the pedestrian’s point of view, cars can approach from any direction. Cars also favor the spots closest to the building entrances, an area which is precisely where pedestrian traffic is greatest.

Of all the pedestrians injured by cars in parking lots, the groups that suffer the most are the very young and the elderly. If you or a loved one were hit by a car while walking in a parking lot, there are personal injury lawyers who can advise you of your legal options. Talk to them.

Here are six parking lot safety tips for pedestrians:

  • Walk near the center of the rows between parked cars. This gives you more time to move out of the way of a car that is backing up.
  • Never assume that backing cars can see you. If their head is turned so that they are facing the other way, then they can’t see you. If their head is facing you, their focus may not be on you. Cars also have blind spots.
  • Keep your children under close supervision. If they are walking too close behind parked cars, their small size means that drivers can’t see them when backing out.
  • Don’t walk behind cars that are backing out.
  • Look around you for moving vehicles. This especially applies when walking out from between parked cars.
  • Be careful of parking spaces between parked SUVs and trucks. Smaller cars backing out of these spaces will have a restricted view of the situation behind them.

Walk with the same care in parking lots as you would while crossing or walking along a road. Keep your eyes open and never let your guard down. If a careless driver injured you or a loved one in a parking lot, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer about getting fair compensation. Contact us at the McMahan Law Firm today.