The Debate Over Red-Light Cameras Continues | Car Accident Lawyers Chattanooga

The Debate Over Red-Light Cameras Continues | Car Accident Lawyers Chattanooga

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People are avoiding driving through [Red Bank] because they’re afraid to get a ticket… It has given us this unwelcoming reputation.” This has been the concern of Red Bank, TN Mayor Monty Millard since red-light cameras were placed throughout the small city in 2006. The Mayor along with several residents would love to see the cameras go away, believing they’re driving away visitors who are afraid of receiving a dreaded ticket in the mail.

A community near Chattanooga wants to get rid of their red-light cameras.More than 69,000 tickets have been issued since the cameras were installed, enough to give each and every Red Bank resident a ticket five times. But only 16% of these tickets are actually going to the people living in Red Bank.

Next year the City Commission will be able to decide whether or not to cancel its contract with the traffic camera provider and remove the systems that currently monitor the city’s three busiest intersections. Some want to keep the cameras, pointing to a decrease in car accidents at these intersections and the $500,000 in revenue the additional ticketing has brought to the community.

How Have the Red-Light Cameras Affected Other Tennessee Communities?

Although 9 states have passed laws to keep red-light cameras out, Tennessee permits them as long as they exist for ‘safety purposes and not financial gain.’ The state regulates the fees from the tickets and also requires that studies are completed before the cameras are installed to prove that they are strictly for safety.

Chattanooga installed their own red-light cameras a year after Red Bank, and they’re actually expanding their program. According to Chattanooga’s traffic engineer, “We feel like it’s been very worthwhile, and been a very effective solution… We’re not trying to blanket the city. We’re putting the cameras where the problems are. We look at problems where there is a pronounced accident history.”

Car Accident Attorneys in Chattanooga

The red-light cameras are intended to help avoid car accidents and while they might make an impact, auto accidents are still going to happen. If you’ve been in a Chattanooga car accident and suffered an injury you may be entitled to money to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, even pain and suffering.

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