Chattanooga Injury Lawyer James Kennamer On "This & That"

The Importance Of Being Board Certified

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Jay is board certified in civil trial practice, and less than 2 percent are certified in civil trial practice. The public wants to be sure they’re calling someone that knows what they are doing, not someone with a flashy commercial that promises them the world can can’t deliver. That’s a problem in the legal area right now, anyone can buy a flashy commercial and I think this may pose a risk to the community. The insurance company may laugh at them and won’t pay their clients the fair amount, but they won’t tell them that on their flashy commercials.

All cases are different, but when another lawyer has a mess, it is not uncommon for us to get a call and we are the ones that usually fix it. But I do wish the people would call us first but we do feel obligated to protect the public and fix things because it protects the legal standing and our profession. Along that line, we like to have strong relationships with the finest medical personnel.

It’s important to be board certified in the medical field because it ensures the physicians has been through all the appropriate fields of the industry and other rigorous training.