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The Long-Lasting Effects Of A Serious Accident | Knoxville Personal Injury Lawyers

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After a serious accident, the physical wounds may be the most obvious, but they aren’t necessarily the only injuries suffered. As Knoxville personal injury lawyers, we know that emotional damage can be just as crippling and can persist long after the physical injuries have healed.

It seems like the state may be finally closing a chapter on the terrible bus accident that occurred last December that took the life of two students and a teacher’s aide. They have finally cited the bus driver for operating a school bus without the proper license. But while they are getting closer to determining what happened on that day, there are still many left struggling.

Even the bystanders have been forever affected by the horrible crash. One of the first people to stop and help those in the crash has been plagued by the memories ever since he stepped foot in the bus. According to him, “My problem is I saw it all. From the bus turning, to the impact, [to] the driver of Bus 44 flying out from the side of what was his bus.”

Those that witnessed seem to be suffering from a legitimate form of post-traumatic stress, a thought echoed by a professional grief counselor, “If you’re one of the first responders, or if you were in the crash but didn’t necessarily get hurt, that increases the likelihood of having a traumatic reaction. Whether it lasts and turns into PTSD or not, it’s the exposure to the event that triggers the response. … We can see the same kinds of reactions from those who were there on the scene, who were not necessarily part of the event themselves.”

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The effects of an accident can last a lifetime. It can cost you sleep. It can cost you peace. It can cost you money. The McMahan Law Firm fights for those whose lives have been affected by negligence. We want to help you pick up the pieces and put you on the road to recovery.