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The Power Of Positive Thinking

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A positive outlook on life might not only give you a happier mindset but actually result in less to worry about as those who look on the bright side are less likely to get into vehicle accidents than those with poor attitudes. Residents may want to know about the study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Science’s Institute of Psychology that shows how mood could influence one’s driving abilities.

Negativity Bias

38 people with three or more years of driving experience were split into two groups with 23 motorists classified as “safe” and 15 called “dangerous” based on the amount of penalties on their driving records. The dangerous drivers had a negativity bias that the safe drivers did not, which means these drivers react more to negative experiences. This corresponds with past research that shows those who have a gloomier outlook on life take longer to respond to stimuli, and people who focus on negatives are also more likely to be distracted on the road by heated outbursts.

When Accidents Occur

Angry and negative people could be involved in more accidents because it can be harder for these people to think clearly and rationally in certain moments. This shows how important it is to focus and attempt to remain rational while driving. However, even those with the sunniest outlooks on life may get discouraged when another driver causes an accident.

Fortunately, auto accident lawyers are available when one suffers injuries in a crash. Drivers who act negligently can be held accountable when their actions cause a crash, and negligent behavior committed by angry drivers could include tailgating, distracted driving, swerving or speeding.

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