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The Threat of Drivers Under the Influence in Chattanooga

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Defensive driving is something that everyone should learn and practice often. Every time someone is in a moving vehicle, they’re at risk of non-cautious drivers. The best that people can do is pay attention to the road at all times, keep a safe distance between cars, and be ready to act.

Drivers also have to constantly be on the look out for an intoxicated driver, particularly at night. A recent accident in downtown Chattanooga shows why this is true.

The accident was covered by the Chattanooga Times Free Press. According to the article, a 26-year-old man crashed his car in downtown Chattanooga and continued to drive. He then crashed his car once more on Sunday, August 24th early in the morning. The second accident was reported to the Chattanooga Police Department.

Tim McFarland, the public information officer at the police department later said that it appeared that suspect was under the influence. In addition, he was charged for possession or paraphernalia and marijuana.

This story is relevant for two reasons. First, it’s a reminder never to drive under the influence. Although this particular case dealt with marijuana, drivers also have to be sure not to drink and drive.

The other lesson is that drivers must always remain defensive. No one seemed to be harmed in any of the accidents, but that only proves how lucky the other drivers were.

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