The True Cost of an Injury Accident from the Perspective of a Victim

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If you’ve never experienced it, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be seriously injured in a car accident.  What are the struggles in the aftermath?  How does it change your life?  Local news station WDEF wanted to find out so they spoke with the family of a man who was nearly killed in an accident last March.

The man was walking along the sidewalk when he was blindsided by a car.  His injuries are extensive.  According to his grandmother, “He has brain damage. His leg is broken. He’s been through several surgeries. He’s had a clavicle repair. He’s had open heart surgery.” 

Now his life is forever altered.  He has to be cared for by his family because he can barely walk and the damage to his brain has made it hard to do much for himself.  He needs around-the-clock care because he can’t move on his own.  He is also plagued by flashbacks of the awful moment when he was struck.

The family isn’t just going to care for their injured loved one, however.  They also plan on doing something so that no other family will have to go through what they’ve went through.  They want to make sure that the area near Alton Park, where the man was hit, has more sidewalks and crosswalks. “It’s a possibility that someone else might get hit so we want sidewalks; not only just on Workman Avenue but throughout our community.”

As injury lawyers in Chattanooga we are glad to hear that the city is taking notice and plan to build more sidewalks in the area, but the process may be slow.  They expect it to be closer to the end of the year before they can start tackling the project.

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