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Tow Trucks Stay Busy As Winter Conditions Continue In Tennessee | Knoxville Car Accident Lawyers

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Weeks of bad weather all across Tennessee have kept kids out of school and even closed down businesses. If you’ve been smart, you’ve done everything you can to avoid getting out on the road. The fewer cars and trucks on icy streets the better. There is one vehicle, however, that is a welcome sight on the roads when you’re stranded by snow and ice – tow trucks.

Tow trucks have been staying as busy as ever this winter with some companies towing over a hundred vehicles in under three days alone.

According to one local wrecker service:

“We worked a couple of tractor trailers that jackknifed. We’ve had cars upside down, over guard rails, and cars in ditches. You name it, we’ll see it before this winter is over with.”

The real takeaway from this isn’t that towing companies are busy, but that our roads are extremely dangerous right now. More and more accidents are being reported, some more serious than others. While most reports are just cars that have slid into a ditch and need to be pulled out, some reports are serious life-threatening accidents.

As car accident lawyers in Knoxville, we know that all auto accidents can have lasting ramifications, and the type of conditions we’ve been experiencing put everyone at risk. The tow companies are claiming that 4-wheel drive vehicles are skidding out of control at just as high a rate as any other vehicle. So please be careful.

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