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Tractor Trailer Wreck Injures People and Animals Alike | Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyers

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Anyone traveling around Northgate Mall was in for a shocking site last Thursday.  Traffic was at a standstill on the northbound lanes of Highway 153 while cleanup crews tried to clear a very unusual accident.  A tractor trailer had overturned and spilled it’s cargo across the highway.  But unlike most spilled loads, this cargo had the ability to walk away from the scene of the accident.

The semi-truck was transporting seventy-eight cows when it lost control and toppled onto its side Thursday evening.  The impact was intense enough to take the lives of several of the cattle inside the truck’s trailer.  By the time the extent of the accident was assessed seven cows had either died from their injuries or had to be euthanized.

But the dangerous aftermath of this truck accident didn’t just stop with the lives of some of the cattle; there were people injured in the wreck as well.  When the 18-wheeler rolled onto its side it’s believed that it also struck four other cars. At least two people in those vehicles had to be taken to local hospitals to be treated for their injuries.

The destructive power of a big truck accident in Chattanooga can’t be understated.  The reason why the truck overturned is yet to be revealed, but the amount of damage that just one tractor trailer is able to cause is always clear after an accident like Thursday’s.

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Truck accidents can impact several lives in an instant.  When you find yourself involved in a wreck with a semi-truck the possibility of you or a loved one suffering an injury is even higher.  But what can you do after being hurt in a Chattanooga truck accident?

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