“Trial By Fire” Chronicles a Trooper’s Recovery After a Near Fatal Knoxville Accident

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It’s an unbelievable story of recovery in the face of overwhelming adversity worthy of a novel… and that’s exactly what it’s become.  A Tennessee Highway Patrolman who was nearly killed in an accident two years ago has now published a book entitled “Trial by Fire” that chronicles his challenging rehabilitation.

It all stems from a terrible accident that occurred in Knoxville on Interstate 40 in March of 2012.  A truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel and smashed into the trooper’s patrol car.  The car burst into flames, a moment the trooper doesn’t even remember. “I don’t remember much of anything about the wreck. Over time some of that night has come back to me, but not the wreck.”

The injuries he suffered should have killed him.  “My skull was dislocated from my spinal cord.”  His throat and neck injuries would leave him unable to speak for a long period of time; a time he spent writing.  He would ultimately undergo multiple risky surgeries to remove the hardware put in place to hold his spine together.”I was shocked. I had seen x-rays before, but I didn’t know there was that much stuff in there. It will be another six weeks before I can begin rehab and another six months before we know if the surgery was successful or not.”

The outpouring of community support was tremendous, something that doesn’t surprise these accident lawyers in Knoxville that have constantly seen the city rally together in times of need.  Thousands of people even sent him messages of support through Facebook.  The trooper himself even did an act that almost anyone else might not have been able to do – he forgave the truck driver that hit him.

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