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In the past we’ve often discussed what can cause a serious Chattanooga truck accident, as well as what you can do after being involved in one.  We try to offer insight into what the accident victims were thinking before and after the accident, so that you can better understand how to handle your own incident.  But what about the truck drivers?  What’s going through their heads before and after a major accident?  Would it surprise you to know they think it’s your fault?

Last Wednesday, traffic came to a complete standstill on I-24 near mile maker 178.  Apparently a semi carrying bottled water jack-knifed and rolled onto its side.  The trailer burst open and spilled water bottles across the interstate.  Emergency crews had to clean up the mess and drain the fuel from the rig to avoid a fire hazard, all of which caused both lanes of I-24 to be closed.

But Chattanooga News 12 wanted to know what truck drivers thought about accidents like this one, so they went straight to the source, and the responses might surprise you.  They asked one truck driver what he thought of the I-24 accident.  His suggestion to avoid future issues was, “If people will consider the equipment that is around them and realize that these trucks cannot stop on a dime.”

Another truck driver interviewed blames the majority of big truck accidents on motorists texting while driving.  Another claimed, “As truck drivers we always try to have enough space in front of us so we can stop or in case we have to move.”

None of these responses really seem to clear up the cause of that wreck on I-24, however.  In fact, by the truck driver’s own admission it was a blown tire that caused his rig to roll.

Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyers

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