Semi truck crash shuts down interstate

Two Major Accidents Leave Interstate Traffic at a Standstill | Chattanooga Truck Accident Attorneys

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Last Sunday was a particularly bad day to be a motorist on the interstates around Chattanooga.  Two major accidents backed-up traffic for miles on both I-24 and I-75, leaving motorists stuck for hours.  But, while being stuck in traffic was an annoyance for many, let’s not forget that those accidents had a much more profound affect on those involved.

Both lanes of Interstate 24 were backed-up after a truck driver lost control of his semi at the Ridge-Cut.  According to witnesses, the tractor trailer went out of control and smashed through a concrete barrier before jackknifing against the barrier to an overpass.  The exact cause of the wreck or if anyone was hurt hasn’t been released.

The same can’t be said for another accident that backed up a different interstate for miles.  Apparently another driver lost control of their vehicle, this time while driving a car.  On Interstate 75 near the Hamilton and Bradley county line a car traveling north careened over the grassy median and barreled into southbound traffic.

According to a witness, “He swerved behind us and almost hit us and then then he went across the road and to oncoming traffic and hit an SUV.”  The two vehicles collided head-on, leaving a woman in the SUV injured.  The witnesses to the wreck quickly rushed to the aid of those involved and called 911.  A military convoy fortunately happened on the scene and also aided the accident victims while they waited for emergency responders to arrive.

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Accidents can come out of nowhere and their destruction can affect multiple people at once.   While being stuck in gridlock can be a headache for many, an accident can be a life-changing experience for someone else.  Those that are injured in an accident, especially a big truck accident, can truly have their life turned upside-down.

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