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There are a lot of factors that can cause a serious accident, too many to list.  Most of these factors can be blamed on a driver in one way or another, like if they were driving while distracted or intoxicated.  So many things on our roads can lead to an accident, the last thing that we need is the road itself making it more dangerous.  That seems to be the situation on a street in Knoxville, however.

The problematic road is Millertown Pike near the Knoxville Center Mall off I-640.  Last year, the road was widened and repaved, but the city still hasn’t painted the stop lines in front of the traffic signals.  It doesn’t take an accident lawyer in Chattanooga to tell you how dangerous that is.  A vehicle could easily pull up too far in the intersection and get broadsided by an approaching car with a green light.

Beyond just those missing stop lines, there are apparently issues with drivers knowing what lanes they should be in as well.  Again, the problem here is fairly obvious as just a little bit of confusion could lead to a serious wreck.   The widening of the road has also altered the turn lanes, which has changed the traffic signal patterns.  It’s all one big recipe for disaster.

If you find yourself in an area that has unpainted or poorly painted roads, we hope that you’ll take extra care and precautions because other motorist might not.

Do You Need a Chattanooga Car Accident Attorney?

Whether road signs or markings are clear or not, drivers still have a responsibility to drive safely.  If they don’t and hurt you or your family, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them.  A successful suit can get you the money your family needs to pay for medical bills and even pain and suffering.  Personal injury law is complex though, and that’s why you need someone who knows the business inside and out – you need the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm.

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