Verdict in Hamilton County train accident

Verdict Comes Down After Hamilton County Train Accident | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

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It’s been awhile, but in a previous post we discussed a tragic Hamilton County train accident that took the life of young couple in August of 2011.  At the time, a lot of speculation and questions were swirling around the incident, and families and authorities were left trying to figure out exactly what happened.  As wrongful death lawyers in Chattanooga, we know that these cases can be incredibly difficult, and often families just want closure.

That’s what the family of one of the victims wanted because they believed others were at fault for their daughter’s premature death.  One of the more suspicious aspects of the accident was the fact that the couple was actually lying on the track, presumably asleep, when they were hit by the train.  This obviously raised the question: How could they be asleep in such a hazardous situation?  Well, it was found that alcohol played a major factor and is the reason why the surviving family ultimately filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

The suit was filed against a downtown Chattanooga establishment that served the underage teen alcohol the night of the accident as well as the railway company.  It was up to a legal team representing the family to prove that negligence on behalf of these groups led to the death of the teenager.  Well, it seems like a jury didn’t agree because their verdict came down on the side of the defendants.


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Unfortunately, in this case the family didn’t receive the justice they were seeking.  Maybe you’ve lost someone you love to negligence and want to do something about it as well.  The Chattanooga wrongful death lawyers at the McMahan Law Firm have the resources and experience to best represent you and have been helping Hamilton County families get the compensation they deserve for years.

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