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You’ve been injured at work, but you don’t know what comes next. You know you are facing serious injuries and serious medical bills, and you think you should be covered by workers’ comp benefits. But, how do you receive those benefits? Should you seek legal help? Will hiring a lawyer really benefit your case? We understand the uncertainty and questions that are running through your mind. We are here to help!

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers. Our leading attorneys, Jay & Brent, have been helping injured individuals like you for years and are dedicated to helping injured workers receive the benefits they deserve. Don’t fight alone. Get the legal help you deserve to give you the best chance at your workers’ comp approval. Keep reading to learn more about how Jay & Brent and the entire McMahan Law Firm have supported injured workers like you, and how we can help you, too!

Speaker 1:
I got hurt at work, and I got some questions. Can a lawyer help me with all the hassles and bills? Shouldn’t I get paid for all the time I missed from work. Wouldn’t it be best to handle it without a lawyer and just trust the system?

Attorney Jay Kennamer:
These are the kind of work injury questions we answer every day.

Attorney Brent Burks:
Call us and let us help you get the benefits you deserve.

Speaker 1:
Jay and Brent at the McMahon Law Firm were on top of it. They got me $210,000 in workers’ comp benefits.

Attorney Jay Kennamer:
I’m Jay.

Attorney Brent Burks:
And I’m Brent. If you’ve been hurt on the job, call us.

We’re on top of it.

Speaker 5:
Call 265-1100.

When you hire a workers’ comp lawyer, you are getting the best chance at receiving approval for the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Don’t lose out on the losses you could recover. Let us give you the support you deserve. We make this process as easy on you as possible, starting with your free case review. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out our online form, and our McMahan Law Firm workers’ comp team will take care of the rest from there!